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♥ Feedback can be found at my journal or at cheap_sells_4_u
♥ I do have cats and dogs, you may find a stray hair or two. Other then that, my clothes are described the best that I can
♥ I prefer to ship within the USA and can give you a shipping quote based off of that. If you are international, please PM me with your address so I can go to the PO and get a proper quote for you
♥ If you are no longer interested in an item, please let me know.
♥ I can usually ship same day as you pay, or the very next day

Under the cut you will find: A coach purse, lots of clothing items (most are brand new!), B&BW and VS items. Happy Shopping!

 photo P1050961_zpsa1147f06.jpg
 photo P1050962_zps9914d8f9.jpg
100% authentic coach bag. You can carry it by the two shorter handles or there is a longer one handle that you can attach to the rings and carry it that way. Very spacious inside!

 photo P1050960_zps6468cefc.jpg
Bath and body works body cream. They all have atleast 90% left, if not more!
PS I love you Irresistable Apple Sweet Pea
$4 per bottle or take all three for $10!

 photo P1050959_zpsc1ae944e.jpg
Brand new bottle of Secret Charm body wash from VS

 photo P1050953_zpsc5e59074.jpg
Brand new pack of Kissable Massage oils! These can make your experience a great time!
Flavors include: Peaches and Cream, Sweet Vanilla and Strawberries and Cream
$3 per bottle or $7 for all three!

 photo P1050955_zpscc2e68c7.jpg
Jardins Du Monde cotton flower shower cream. Brand new, never opened.

 photo P1050958_zpsf3cbdb36.jpg
Warm Vanilla lotion, you can see how much has been used

 photo P1050958_zpsf3cbdb36.jpg
Passionberry Vanilla body butter from Ulta. atleast %80 left!

 photo P1050956_zpsfb3f1378.jpg
Brand new Ravishing love body wash from Vs!

 photo P1050950_zpsd24725bf.jpg
Brand new in the box VS body wash and spray sets.
$5 per set, or $12 for all 3 sets

 photo P1050952_zpsd4830f26.jpg
Brand new bottles of Sweet Pea lotion and shower gel!
$9 for the set

 photo P1050963_zpse8c753ca.jpg
BNWOT strapless blue top with belt. Tagged size XL, and it stretches

 photo P1050964_zps29b6da3d.jpg
BNWT gold/silver strapless top with belt. Tagged size XL, and stretches

 photo P1050965_zps97458e00.jpg
Large sleevless black/white top

 photo P1050966_zpsd7880694.jpg
Large pink/black striped tank top

 photo P1050967_zps4922ea5a.jpg
 photo P1050968_zps357e2976.jpg
BNWOT jean shorts. Size 13/14, fit an 11/12 better in my opinion.

 photo P1050969_zps9586ec20.jpg
 photo P1050970_zps047e028b.jpg
BNWOT size 13 darker khaki shorts.

 photo P1050971_zpsbc9ff307.jpg
 photo P1050972_zpsfe23b659.jpg
These have been worn once. Size 13/14 shorts with colorful stripes on the pocket

 photo P1050973_zps5e5a4ab8.jpg
Casual dress capris size 11. Worn once

 photo P1050974_zps999ab962.jpg
Blue Ecko bathing suit cover up, or strapless dress with pockets near the bottom. Size Large, but very stretchy

 photo P1050975_zpsa32a34ff.jpg
BNWT 3 piece work suit. Very nice. Comes with the pants, tanktop and matching jacket
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